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Kevin P. Lyness

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My full-time job is teaching Marriage and Family Therapy at Antioch University New England, while photography is a hobby--I would call myself an "advanced amateur" photographer though I do show my work and sell what I can. In my photography, I try and evoke a mood or feeling and to create an inviting or intriguing window on the world as I see it.

The latest cameras in my arsenal are the Nikon D800 (36 megapixels) and Fuji X-T2 (24 MP), and I also recently converted my Fuji X-E1 (16 MP) to infrared. My prior cameras were the Canon 5D Mark II (21 megapixels), Canon 5D (12.8 megapixels, full-frame 35mm sensor) and Canon 10D (6.3 megapixel) with Canon and Sigma Lenses. Early photos were shot on film with a Canon A2E and were scanned. I also shoot (not very often) large format film (a 4x5 inch negative) with a Toyo Field Camera and a few of these photos are from the large format.

If you would like to order prints, click "Add to Cart" and then when you view your cart, you can select the print size. The prints you order here are printed by BayPhoto labs and are simply fantastic (you won't be disappointed). There are a number of print types to choose from. They will send the prints directly to you. Send me an email if you want to order custom fine art prints. My email is

I completed a show of my black and white and toned photographs in Colorado in March and April (2004). I also was in a show with two photographs exhibited at the Sharon Arts Center in Peterborough, NH (see (11/4/05 through 11/27/05) and also had a photo in the Member's Exhibition there in late winter of 2006.

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[Photo of me is by Rachel Thiet]